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When writers sit down to compose a post, article, or blog, all they need is the right text editor for making their text look just how they mean it to sound. Here, our text editor comes in handy. This amazing text editing tool is packed with unique and most basic features that writers would ever wish for.

Our text editing tool is developed to perfectly draft your articles. This is an online notepad that has almost all its features for free and this is the reason that it is hand-selected by all professional writers out there.

Furthermore, this plain text editor helps you get the high-quality text as you can make corrections to it. All you need to do is just open this online notepad and start composing your text, you can click on any options provided below and make changes until your final text is with the perfect look.

Whether you are just using our tool for editing text, saving your notes, featuring a text for your assignments, our online text editor is always here to encourage you and be more creative in writing.

How can you use this plain text editor?

Our online Wordpad comes with a user-friendly layout that makes text editing super-easy for everyone either be content writers, bloggers, students, researchers, or teachers. This online editing tool doesn’t ask the users to follow any complicated processes for changing any sort of textual file.

You may modify text online with this text editing tool by following the basic set of steps described below.

Simply copy-paste the text in the box given or manually type the words you need to change in your article.

After complete editing, you can either copy-paste text or save the document on your device in PDF or Doc file format.

how to use online text editor

Edits your text beautifully

When it comes to composing or editing any kind of office documents, this edit pad is really handy because it doesn't require extra software or a server to switch files for you. You can get your papers from anywhere with our text editor, without allowing anyone access. Text documents, spreadsheets, and even full presentations can be worked on with our plain text editing tool. For outstanding content, you must utilize this tool to make sure your text looks fantastic on every stand.

It is simple

You will not have to spend a lot of time learning the features of this tool if you have ever dealt with standard text writing tools such as Word, because it is quite similar to it. To save your time, money, and effort, the ability of this tool to modify text online will allow you to make minor changes efficiently.

No registration is required

Use of this text editor online does not need you to register as a member. You don't have to register to compose your text, and you don't have to worry about being prohibited.

It's completely free.

Our free plain text editor is available for everyone in the world to use. Whenever, wherever, you can use this service without spending a dime.

It's time to get started!

Our plain text editing tool also plays a vital part in the editing process. With its intuitive editing toolbar, anybody can modify and download their files in PDF documents with convenience. So, what are you waiting for? Just open a browser and start using this fantastic text editing tool.


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